"Jangly rhythm guitars, a dance-y pop hook, blazing guitar solos, and a female vocalist who’s not afraid to really belt that fucker out..."
- Dan Solomon for MTV Hive "Kick the Can" Song Premiere

"From the first track, “Shakin’” you’re hooked on the mellow organ and Wilkins’ velvet melody… right before the band socks you with one of the biggest, thickest guitar riffs you’ve ever heard. Pair that with a soaring chorus and you’re hard pressed not to have a smile on your face. “The Way You Came” comes in with a bouncy beat that immediately gets your head bobbing and your toe tapping."
- Austin Fusion Magazine on Old and Touchin' Blue

"Houser deftly uses metaphors that are at easily interpreted, but don’t come across as patronizing to the listener."
-Austin Fusion Magazine on "Kaiser"

"The closest comparison to Houser’s distinctive singing style is Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond. She’s got the same full, emotive alto that The Couch use to great effect on this track. Around the 3:15 mark, the band is unleashed and Taylor Wilkins rips the longest guitar solo of The Couch’s short career for the last minute of the song."
- OVRLD on "Kaiser"

"They’re a great band with loads of talent..."
- Austin Town Hall

"A bluesy, brisk, bottoms-up jangle, essentially just a floorspace Sara Houser’s wonderfully raw voice."
- Prefix Magazine on "Kaiser"

"...Rock solid, danceable, well-produced, and on the bluesy side..."
- Austin Independent Music on Old and Touchin' Blue

"When you hear The Couch, you hear raw, rich, rock n' roll-- rock as solid as stone, in its sound and in its frequency."
- Bleach Online

"Epic. Thunderous, blindingly electrifying rock-pop amazingness..." - Laurie Gallardo of KUT

"Gritty guitar meets a grooving rhythm section; add some heady instrumental detours that are closer to the post-jam band excursions of My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses, and things come together nicely." - Peter Mongillo of Austin American-Statesman

"The Couch is tearing out a page in the dictionary and delivering heavy, rock saturated sounds straight to your eardrums. Believe me, it's far from 'comfortable' and miles from 'soft'. The Couch provides an eye-opening lesson into how indie blues-rock is supposed to sound." - The Deli Magazine

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